Volunteer Project

Honored to be asked to make this years poster and media campaign for The Mix! Just about ready to go to print...


Working on the poster for The MIX 2018 poster (honored to have been asked to do it). Also working on clients projects, some really fun packaging! Look for process photos in the HAPS.

Working for Willamette Week

Working for Willy Week in the Ad Design department, as an intern. Really great to be putting all those production skills to work! It's so fast paced, I'm learning a lot, and I get to design the occasional spread or graphic.

Made these maps on the fly.

Made these maps on the fly.

Looking for Internship/Job

Well the time has come to get out there and put these skills to the test. I'm looking for a position that is supervised by an Art Director or Senior Graphic Designer. I am available full-time or part-time and for paid and unpaid positions. 


Submitted one portfolio to PSU, and have been accepted into their program. Now the PCC portfolio show is Friday and I have finished and redesigned a couple of projects and am waiting to get it all from the printer—StevensIS in SE Portland. So great!—and them it's show time.


Pulling projects from the ether...Candy Bar? Snowboard? Starting to lose my grip.


4:17am—Made the mistake of ordering a Cappuccino after dinner and forgot to ask for decaf, so now I've updated this website and one step closer to finishing my portfolio class.